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Packages that use BaseAction

Uses of BaseAction in org.mentawai.action

Subclasses of BaseAction in org.mentawai.action
 class BaseLoginAction
          This action implements the basic functionality for a Login action.
 class LogoutAction
          A simple Logout action that can be used fot user logout.
 class SuccessAction
          A simple action that returns SUCCESS for every call.

Uses of BaseAction in org.mentawai.ajaxtag

Subclasses of BaseAction in org.mentawai.ajaxtag
 class BaseAjaxtagAction
          This actions holds an aschycronous response to ajaxtags.

Uses of BaseAction in org.mentawai.core

Subclasses of BaseAction in org.mentawai.core
 class ProtectedBaseAction
          This class exists solely for the purpose of hidding the protected variables of BaseAction.
 class SingleInstanceBaseAction
          This is the base class for single instance actions, in other words, those actions that will be instantiated only once and shared among all requests.

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